How Air Travel May Change Forever After Coronavirus

How Air Travel May Change Forever After Coronavirus AFP via Getty Images

Flying Sanitized: How Air Travel May Change Forever After Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has hit commercial aviation hard, and many of us who are used to flying frequently find ourselves wondering when we might fly again. Perhaps more importantly, how different will it look when we do?

Aviation marketing consultancy SimpliFlying recently published a report which offers some answers to that question. And in their view, the future of flying is a highly sanitized one. Not only that, but they expect many of the changes will be here to stay. This will no doubt come as good news to most, as passengers will be happy to fly in an exhaustively cleaned airplane full of passengers that have passed a health check. But will it fundamentally change the experience of air travel?

“Welcome to the airline flight of 2021. Before boarding, please walk through the disinfection tunnel and thermal scanner, and have your bags ‘sanitagged.’ You won’t find any in-flight magazine to entertain you on board, but look out for the disinfectant wipes as part of the in-flight service. And don’t count on being allowed on the aircraft if you start coughing at the gate.” So begins the press release from SimpliFlying.

The lengthy report is entitled “The Rise Of Sanitised Travel – 70 Areas Of The Passenger Journey Set To Change Forever”, and as much as their predictions would require sweeping changes to current protocols at airports and on planes, most of them also seem very plausible.