Vacation Ideas

Travel Food-vacation ideas for couples and families with kids

To Pack Before You leave on vacation is a must if you want to save on expensive snacks while in another country or if you are taking a vacation locally.


Here is a list of snacks if you or one of your family members  allergic to Gluten or other allergens

Try packing your own food

Health Bars
Mix Healthy Snacks
Greek yogurt with nuts or fruit
Mozzarella string cheese and apples
Beef jerky.
Granola bars
Carrot sticks or grapes.
Hummus and bell pepper strips.
Hard-boiled eggs and whole-wheat crackers
Peanut butter sandwich
Nuts and seeds
Protein powder
Pouches of tuna
Baked Potatoes


The followings are Non-gluten free cereals

Homestyle granola
Boiled Eggs
Fresh Fruits ,  dried fruits and Juices
Hummos and Bread
Low Fat Protein Bars and  Breakfast Bars
High protein cereals-High Fiber cereal