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If you have a complaint about an airline Post it here and hold the airlines accountable.

Out of frustration and degrading customer service I experienced with British Airways I decided to add this page to my website to give a voice to as many airline customers and hoping to help each airline learn from these bad experiences and improve.

Years ago I used to fly TWA they had excellent customer service until its merger with American Airlines in 2001.
I have been traveling for over thirty years and flown close to 1,300,000 miles. I used to travel with TWA, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian, and Air France, recently I started using Delta and British Airways, both airlines are a nightmare when it comes to customer service, I had bad experience with British Airways with contacting customer service, they don’t respond, they only have email auto respond, no agent with resolve a Voucher issue, no answer to letters, faxes or emails, I am shocked at the way they treat customers!! My issue with British Airways is still unresolved and I lost my $720!!!!!

For this reason, I am opening this page with my complaint

If you have a complaint about any Airline please post it here and maybe

If your complaints are aired publicly, then the airlines will give them more consideration since no airline wants a growing public list of unresolved complaints. And if they don’t, then at least there will be a permanent public record of your complaint about others to read and learn from. I want to page to become the most popular channel of complaints between customers and airlines so that the airlines are forced to respond to customer complaints publicly, and therefore be held publicly accountable for their responses.

Please post your specific issues on this page and maybe we have enough complaints to make new pages for all airline complaints.


We recommend informing the airline that you will be posting your case in our complaint network so that they are aware their response will be scrutinized by others. If you’ve already sent a letter of complaint to the airline, then please feel free to copy and paste it on the relevant complaint site so we know what your complaint was about.

We also offer you the opportunity to make suggestions to help the airlines improve their level of service, in addition to relevant phone numbers and addresses for you to formalize your complaints.

In order for this system to work effectively, the complaints should be done in an objective, courteous and professional manner.

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